Devoyage Bogor


—anyway, you can call me Nov or Novi—

I live in Jakarta since I was born 24 years ago and love living here. I work as a branding and social media officer in a lovely company, while in other side I become an owner of @nooproject— a charity project to help unfortunate childrens. I started blogging in 2017 as a happy-geeky-blessed girl with peculiar thoughts, metaphysical perspectives, and unpredictable delusions.  I snap and write about fashion, music, literature, movie, beauty (all about makeup and skin care), book, food, and place for this blog — I hope you’ll enjoy it! If you like collecting postcards, stickers, books, magazines, shoes, bags, and journal books, then we’ll get along just fine!

Feel free to know me from other feeds – you can see my snapshots by following my Instagram account, reading my simple opinions through my Twitter, knowing many things about me from Facebook, and simply join me on Steller too! Umm, I also have Periscope, Smule, Kbeauty, and Snapchat account with the same username → (noovihandayani). Feel free to follow me!

If you have any questions, suggestions or you’re interested in working with me (such as: writing collaboration, endorsement, or sponsorship), feel free to send me an e-mail at noovihandayani@gmail.com or contact me through my line username: noovihandayani


God bless you and have a nice day!