IN MY ROOM: A Quick Post About Small Cute Notebooks (Sebuah Quick Post tentang Para Notebook Mungil yang Lucu)


If you’ve ever seen my story on About Me page, you must have known that I’m a sticker, notebook, and all the cute stuff lover. I’m also a collector, hehe. I love collecting cute stuffs since I was just a little kid. I’ve been collecting so many notebooks, magazines, bags, shoes, skin care products, paper crafts, and stickers. Wait, do […]

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MUSIC REVIEW: A Tad Explanation about My Excitement of “Begin Again-Purity Ring” (Eng-Indo Language)

Begin Again - Purity Ring

/Scroll ke bawah untuk Bahasa Indonesia/ A tad explanation about my excitement of a Canada’s dream-pop duo, Purity Ring, begin again, begin again, again, and again. This song released on January 13, 2015, and was the second track from Purity Ring’s album Another Eternity. As you can see, I’ve been loving this song for years. I can’t mention anymore why I […]

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