In My Room: #SEPTEMBERSTORY—Sepucuk Surat dari Sore Hari

Bintaro Xchange S1

Sepanjang tahun 2018 ini aku baru menyadari bahwa ada satu waktu yang selalu aku lewatkan kehangatannya: sore hari. ♫♫♫♫♫    –    ♫♫♫♫♫ Dipikir-pikir, saking sibuknya kerja, aku kadang-kadang jadi sering melewatkan waktu yang kelihatannya biasa aja, padahal bermakna banget. Sebut saja si sore hari yang jadi topik penting di postingan blog-ku kali ini.  Beberapa bulan ini aku jadi makin […]

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IN MY ROOM: A Quick Post About Small Cute Notebooks (Sebuah Quick Post tentang Para Notebook Mungil yang Lucu)

If you’ve ever seen my story on About Me page, you must have known that I’m a sticker, notebook, and all the cute stuff lover. I’m also a collector, hehe. I love collecting cute stuffs since I was just a little kid. I’ve been collecting so many notebooks, magazines, bags, shoes, skin care products, paper crafts, and stickers. Wait, do […]

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Intermezzo: Think Green!

I really love flowers and plants, although I don’t have many plants around my house. I just love them, their colors, smells, and their unique shapes. Planting can be such a meditation too, because it needs time, patience, and consistency to plant and wait the seed to grow. Beside it, I can refresh my mind and think about many things […]

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